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2005-07-21 - 8:32 p.m.

Ok, the tit has taken a turn for the worse. Accidently burst the biggest blister last night and I now have a raw patch of weeping/bleeding flesh about the size of my palm causing me a great deal of pain.

Bloody hell :(

Still, it got me out of having to go for a run with Nigel tonight. Bumped into him running last night when Phoe and I were walking the dogs. I saw him in the distance and honestly thought it was a deformed old man coming towards me (until he got close enough to recognise of course). Gawd only knows what he'd been doing but he was running like he'd cacked himself. I wasn't any too enamoured at the prospect of 'a beasting' with him tonight. He reckons that I need to keep my bleep test levels up (blast the bloody thing - I thought I'd never have to do the fucker again!) and then he wanted to make me run up a bloody big hill a few times.

Screw that!

Anyhoo, too much of the walking wounded thing going on to run like a pratt tonight (thank god).

...and that's it. The bastards at work were actually nice to me today 'cause of the tit thing and the nice guy came with me to the chemist to see if there were any dressings they could get for me as I only had a tissue over it and it was sticking to and getting into the wound. The worst thing is, the tissue I had was one of those character ones and I had visions of the wound healing up with bits of tissue stuck in it, a cartoon cat welded to my boob for ever more.


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