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2005-07-20 - 10:50 a.m.

It occurred to me earlier (as I stubbed the same toe that I'd stubbed badly last night and hopped around the room cursing, recalling not only this pain but the pain of the original stubbing) that when my luck is shit, it's SHIT. Not only does my left boob look like it survived Chernoble but 2 of the little toes on my left foot are now aching and the middle toe of my right foot has been painful for a few days now 'cause I accidently bent it back and split the nail half way down it's bed.

A walking disaster...

Anyhoo, as I am used to having quite a few accidents I am hardened to them and was surprised when the local chemist, upon hearing what I'd done this time, told me I should go to the doctor as there is a big risk of infection if there has been blistering.


...but it seems so trivial in the big scheme of things and I AM inherently lazy, we all know this.

Anyhoo, the update is, that instead of having lots of small blisters (that came up just after scalding myself) they seem to have joined forces and become 5 large ones, the worst being about 2" long. I'll see how it goes, I try not to go to the doctors unless my arm is hanging off. Then again, the way my luck is going, it might be when my tit is about to rot and drop off. THEN I'll be sorry won't I?

Oh yeah, I recommend seeing The Incredibles; I love it. Is it sick to have a crush on an animated character?

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