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2007-04-23 - 6:29 p.m.

Now if I was a paranoid person my alarms would be going off....



Hear those frickin alarms going like hundreds of sirens taking the emergency services to a major blood and guts everywhere incident, man!

So, this morning I get a text from gay 'V' from work It is totally irrelevent that she's gay by the way, asking for a lift to work as the usual woman who picks her up was off sick. I say ok as heck, I'm a fucking nice girl who doesn't begrudge putting herself out for a fellow earth dweller ok, so perhaps I WAS a bit put out 'cause we don't really know each other and to be honest, I don't know what to say to her and driving really fast doesn't knock much conversation time off the journey.

Anyhoo, I arrive at the pier head and wave pleasantly at her, turning down the stereo so I could be considered polite for a change. She smiles at me (in a strained way? Nahhhhh!) and makes her way to the stupid orange Beetle. As she gets into the car she hears the quiet strains of the stereo and exclaims "OOH, I LOVE THIS SONG!" "Wicked" says I, before turning the sound up. "Can I put it on again?" She asks when the song ends. "Erm yeah, sure...."




Straight after the last chord was struck her finger was on the button pressing repeat and then jamming the volume up to the max.

It started off pretty fun - WE ROCKED, but then I kinda fell silent. There's only so many times you can rock to a song you can't quite make out the words to and well, it kinda becomes a bit obvious that your passenger doesn't really want to speak to you either and in fact probably fucking hates the song to the core of her soul but it's preferable than having to speak to the twat she's had a lift from. Pretending to rock quickly became a chore and to be quite frank, I nearly ripped out my suspension getting over the speed bumps along the pier to get her back at the end of the day. Fucking hell, I'd almost heard the frickin thing 30 times by now...

I guess by now you'll be wanting to know the song I've been tortured by won't you? It was on a compilation CD that Phoe bought for me last year and the song?

(drum roll)

N0 Tomorrow by 0rson

....stupid fucking 0rson and their stupid fucking song

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