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2005-07-25 - 12:19 p.m.

I think the conversation went something like this:

Phoe: Pick up your shoes on the way up the stairs so that you don't trip over them and fall down.

Sket: I'm not a fucking cretin you know!

Phoe (stopping on stairs and looking down at me with undeserved incredulity): I'm not the one who tipped boiling water all down the front of her am I? I'm not the one who got superglue stuck all in her hair or face or wherever it was. I'm not the one who gave themselves a black eye when someone decided to see how it felt to vacuum their face and almost lost an eye am I? Shall I continue?

Sket (realising she was defeated after the first volley): It was bluetack that had gone gooey in my eyebrow and a gerbil in my hair actually....

I think Phoe needed to get all that off her chest. Blimey, the speed of the attack almost made me fall over my shoes that I'd left on the stairs!

Anyhoo, the nuked tit. Today is a week since the incident and it is still open and weeping. Went to see the nurse on Friday and she couldn't believe I'd just lived with it since Monday night. She put a load of cream on it, some meshy stuff which was apparently made of seaweed and then a big dressing. She gave me a spare dressing for the next day and told me not to panic if the lot has gone grey when I change them over as there is charcoal in something or other (I wasn't really listening at this point) and that will give it a grey appearance. She made me another appointment for today to get it redressed and sent me on my way after giving me some advice as to which doctor would be best to see about getting me healthy enough to get thru my medical (for the INTENDED JOB). I've literally got 2 and a half months to go until I am too late and will need to start the recruitment process all over again from scratch. I've done a great deal of work towards it already but I fear it's not enough....

And other than that, my mood is up and down. Probably slightly more up than down at the moment which is good. I am going back to Birmingham for a few days next weekend as it's the hen night of one of my old college pals. Despite getting pretty poor grades and never going on to get a degree she's made really good with her life and is pretty wealthy. Just adds to my conviction that I am a fucking loser and a waster really. Got the brains, had the attitude until it was kicked out of me and now I'm just a hopeless case destined to forever write about how shit everything is for me on an online diary heh?

It's all wank innit?

(she said pleasantly)

...and that's it. Supposed to be going on a long bike ride with Phoe today but it's after midday now and she's STILL stinking in bed which means that I won't make it back in time for my nurses' appointment if we leave it much later....

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