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2006-02-20 - 8:52 p.m.

Due to me being the biggest wanker on the planet I didn't actually get to bed until 2.35am with the fecking presentation going thru my head. I hadn't started the damn thing until after 9pm and by 9.10pm I realised that I had done it again - proven to the Universe that I truly was King of the Arseholes! There was so much to read and what I'd written was total shit! I had to re-write and practice it in front of a patient Phoe who put up with me yelling at her (my addled brain always insists I blame everyone around me for my mistakes) until finally I thought I knew enough to be able to wing it on the day.

I went to bed and by now I was wide awake. I had NO sleep and nervous energy got me thru the entire experience which went really well. BETTER than well in fact. The presentation went wonderfully (which is beyond belief) and I answered the panel's questions fully, confidently and with appropriate humour.

Blimey Sket!

Yeah, I know!

I was first in and of course everything was then in the lap of the Gods (and we don't have a very good relationship. They often have those FATE bitches sitting in their ample laps, whispering ways they (Gods and Fates) can join forces to humiliate me) So there I was, I'd done my best and it now depended on how well those who went after me faired.

I think that my face on this photo of me with stupid hair tells you what happened:

Please note - I removed the photo because, after viewing this entry, I looked friggin' awful on it. Just imagine me with a miserable face and stupid pink hair with string in it, ok?

I didn't get the fucker.

...but apparently they 'loved' me, my presentation was marvelous and I came across really well. I was definitely in their top 5, it was just my experience that let me down....

....YEAH YEAH, YADA YADA, WHATEVER. Go tell it to someone who gives a shit. I didn't get the freakin' job, don't patronise me with talk of top 5's - you probably only INTERVIEWED 6. Oh, and do I want to go down there and get some more in-depth feedback? What do you bloody well think? You can shove that one lady. What use is it to me? I didn't get the job and if it was simply down to experience (which was obviously outlined on my resume) why did you short-list me for interview? Bullshit, bullshit, bullshit! I'm stuck in this fucking hole doing 24 hour shifts until my contract runs out at the end of March now after which I'll probably end up back on the dole and at the mercy of the automaton.

I'd better stop, I'm winding myself up big time.

Oh, and for the record - I DIDN'T go to the interview with the stupid hair. I went all normal

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