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2006-03-05 - 1:45 p.m.

I wasn't going to bother to add an entry today 'cause I basically just can't be arsed to do anything. Still, it's been 12 days since I last made an entry so I guess it's time to fill you in on what's going on in Sket world.

Where shall I start?

...I know,

THE BEETLE - spent 600 getting it repaired and thru the MOT just for it to break down AT THE PETROL PUMP at our local supermarket. It was snowing, I had 2 highly excitable dogs in the back of the car (one dressed as Batdog) who thought they were going to the Creek, and I was alone. The mechanics had left a load of wires dangling in the drivers foot well for some reason and as I got back into the car after fuelling up I got my foot hooked around them and assumed that something had been yanked. FORTUNATELY, I was almost facing a pull thru bit where you can park to put air in your tyres and it was free so I just steered/pushed the car there so's i could have a quick look to see if there was anythin obvious amiss. NOPE. Having always driving old jalopys I continued to push the car (with the stupid dog licking my face the whole time), curse and try to get enough speed to bump start the thing. I almost did it to but couldn't maintain the speed as I was jumping in and trying it. I pushed the car up and back along a sliproad until I was exhausted (and pissed off that no one offered to help, despite one bloke driving behind me really slowly as I was in his friggin' way!). In the end I had to call the AA (not alcoholics anonymous - I wasn't THAT bad). The guy came out, the snow continued to fall, I was freezing, the dogs were near hysterical with excitement (for some reason) and it turned out to be the battery! Despite me telling the guy that the stereo was playing, it had started normally today AND yesterday and that the sudden refusal to make a sound when I'd tried the ignition was unlike the car, he reckoned the battery was on it's way out, jumped me off his and I went home. The car has been fine ever since so go figure. I suppose that battery could have been damp or something. Oh yeah, I had to get the stupid big dog out of the car in his Batman costume (I wanted to take some ridiculous pictures of him for fotothing)in front of the recovery guy who didn' say a word.....


The other news?

Work: I've been working really long hours. I started Friday at 9am and finished yesterday at 6.20pm and all for nothing.

Nothing? I hear you ask?

Yes, NOTHING 'cause I was hauled up to head office Friday in order to be told that I've got the chop! Yup! Going to be unemployed again from the 31st March! I haven't got a leg to stand on tho, I had signed a short-term contract and accepted a wink that it would be extended as a guarantee. Unfortunately the budget for the next financial year has come in and they have to lose me. I had to sit thru the 'I've heard great things about you/ I am really pleased at how well you have settled in/you have done a great job yada yada yada......'

Oh yeah, here's the thing - they will be needing more 'bank staff' now that there won't be enough people to cover the shifts/sickness/annual leave so they have asked me to apply to become one of the poor saps who sits there by the phone all day in the off chance someone calls to offer me a crumb of work. I told them to shove their bank staff crap up their arse.

....perhaps I shouldn't have been so hasty :(

So, onwards and upwards hey Sket? I've got 3 weeks to find a job or else I might have to go back to the nightmare call centre job (if they'll have me) altho I don't think I could do it to myself. I've written to the people concerning THE INTENDED JOB to see where I stand but as of yet I've heard nothing. They are still recruiting as far as I'm aware so I'll just have to keep my fingers crosssed, keep looking and try not to become bankrupt any time soon :(

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