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2007-01-13 - 2:40 p.m.

Sket's Lessons for Life 7: - NEVER, and I mean NEVER sit in a darkened room listening to the angst of a younger relative whilst scratching your inner ear with a metal nail file!


They get frightened by the shrieking at the other end of the phone when the best friend of their attentive cousin shambles in with brie on toast for her and in the half light falls over a fat dog thus knocking the aforementioned metal file deeply into the ear of said cousin....

So, almost skewering my brain aside, what's new in Sket World?

Erm.... shall I get all angst ridden myself or not? I attended a 2 day course on dealing with perpetrators of domestic violence and it made me realise some stuff that hadn't fully occurred to me before, and which upset me a little and as a consequence made me understand why I behave the way I do sometimes.

Heck Sket, that's a lot of illumination, innit?

Yes Conscience, it was but can I be bothered to mention it here or not?

..actually, as is my wont, I will now completely change the subject and tell you that 'to bring up one's ring' means to puke so hard you bring up your 'ring-piece'/chocolate starfish/asshole. I thought I'd make that clear after my pal Bison commented that he still didn't think the definition was clear in my last entry. There - now I've had to spell it out and look vulgar and un-ladylike. Damn me and my inability to be a fucking lady!

Ok, the Domestic Violence thing..... the reason why I hesitate to share is the conversation I had with my Mother. I come from a big family of piss takers and mockers and when I told her my thoughts and feelings last night she did nothing but rip the shit out of me, tell me not to be such a drama queen and to pull myself together. My extended family has ALWAYS been like this and I have kept many a thing from them for fear of ridicule. Probably why I'm such an evil git most of the time. I wasn't even BEING a drama queen, I was just explaining my thought process after the things I'd learned on the course and how many things related directly back to my first serious boyfriend, my NEXT serious boyfriend and how this perhaps has affected me throughout the rest of my life.

Well, my Mother's argument back ranged from 'how nice Anthony was' (despite the fact that when I was seeing him she hated every fucking hair on his head), to the stuff soldiers had to put up with IN THE FUCKING TRENCHES (? - one of my Mom's key argument threads whenever anyone talks about being affected by experiences and/or feelings) and finally to how much of an asshole I am. Gee, thanks for listening quietly and trusting my judgement Mom. I don't know why I bother. Heck, now I know why there are whole sections of my life I didn't bother to share with you!

I'm being a tad harsh; she has been an amazing Mother and this is perhaps my only major gripe and it comes from being part of our family of doom. Being part of the family of doom was one of the things my cousin was telling me about just before I almost went into the light with a metal file jutting out of my head.....

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