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2007-01-21 - 10:29 p.m.

I don't know how long this entry will be, I'm feeling pretty fucked off at the moment so I'll just let my fingers ramble on until I can't be bothered to say any more.

Life at home is pretty miserable at the moment. As well as my own inner grumptitude I've got 8+ days of weird mood from Phoe to contend with. Tomorrow is 15 years since 'the bad shit' happened to her and she always kind of goes quiet and strange at this time of year. I know she went through a lot back then but heck, it's just horrible to be around.....

My Mother went berserk at me on the phone yesterday 'cause I mentioned I was pissed off with the way my 2 aunts had treated her recently. Fuck me, she went off like a nuclear explosion; yelling and crying at the same time. My aunts are both of a similar age (younger than my Mom) and have both, through their life experiences ended up bitter, nasty unpleasant women who like to gossip maliciously. My cousin (the one who was on the phone when I stabbed my ear) has been practically thrown out of the family because she won't tow the family line and live her life the way THEY want her to live it. It's all very unhealthy if you ask me; 2 busybody women getting all arsey because someone has grown up and won't take their shit any more. I'm totally disappointed with the 2 and because my Mother won't take their 'side' and wishes to remain neutral for love of both parties (one of the aunts is my cousin's mother), they have started to be really nasty to her. Anyhoo, it all blew up over the weekend and the shit royally hit the fan. I'm so far away and I want to get involved, but any Sketty bombs I drop in any direction will affect both my mother and cousin rather than come back to me who loves a good fight when there is righteous justice involved. My Mother has catagorically told me to stay out of it and I will UNLESS one of the villians calls me I will wait.....like a spider ready to pounce. My web is vibrating. HOW FUCKING DARE THEY MAKE MY MOTHER CRY!

Pair of bitches. I really want to have a rant now but I won't. I've got so much bile to spew but it's best to let it go until the time is right.

The Ear Saga: Ok, I only really mentioned it briefly last time but I've been really ill with it. I had the cretinous accident last Friday night. Sunday it was still bleeding inside and at work on Monday I felt like shit so I went to the doctor. He had a look and told me that I was very lucky as I had just missed stabbing my eardrum. He said there was a lot of trauma down there and prescribed some drops. Well, the fucking drops hit the wound and made it really angry. I have been in so much pain I've had to have time off work. My face and neck, pain shooting through my head, dizziness and just plain misery. Well, it's been over a week now and although I can't hear very well I am definitely nearly fixed again. The thing is, I STILL scratch my ear with that metal file 'cause it feeeeeels so good. Shit, even lab rats and mice learn not to do something if it hurts them. I am perhaps one of the stupidest individuals on the planet.

...and finally: Phoe's mental/ignorant Dad came over today which is becoming a miserable Sunday habit. He really wound me up at one point so I walked into the kitchen and said 'OH FUCK OFF' rather louder than I thought and realised the door was still open. Phoe heard me so he must have. Oh well, if anything's worth saying it's worth saying properly....

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