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2007-01-08 - 10:56 p.m.

Well, yesterday (Sunday) I threw my ring up.

Now, most of my readers don't come from the UK and perhaps will not understand what 'To throw one's ring up' means.

Shall I start at the beginning?

You know I will.

It all begins on Friday and it's a disgusting tale of pure laziness. At work (ptooey) I am classed as a trainee (at my age) and they are making me get another degree and a bunch of other shit which will in turn magically become a professional qualification. This is one of the things which is pissing me off. I am something like 12,000 in debt from the student loan I took out to fund myself thru my last fucking degree and now they are making me get another. Why did I bloody well bother I ask myself...

Sorry, fell into the trap of ranting about a totally different subject there. I will get back onto the subject immediately

Anyhoo, because I am classed as both a full time student AND a full time employee they give me one day off a week as a study day. Well, it's a 'do fuck all' day in my books. No, actually let me amend that. It's a 'do fuck all but feel REALLY guilty about it and worry quite a bit that you will in fact get caught out' day.

My study day was Friday so I lay around the wrong way in bed watching Studio Ghibli films on dvd. I bloody LOVE those films. I watched My Neighbour Totoro (again), Kiki's Delivery Service (ok but not my favourite) and Howl's Moving Castle (brilliant - I'd give Howl one which is totally sad considering he's a cartoon). I lay around so long that I gave myself a bit of a headache. I told Phoe that I didn't intend to get up all day and that I refused to deal with ANYTHING unless work called and then I was studying.

Saturday came and I did a little more than fuck all. I think we might have gone out to buy food. In fact, I can't remember. I remember having a bath for 2 hours and being really anti social if Phoe wanted me to do anything. I was like some kind of evil Harpy all day and I was content.

Then Sunday (yesterday) came and I decided that I couldn't justify spending 3 whole days either naked or in my dinner stained pajamas (why am I single again?) so we decided to go to the cinema to see White Noise 2 (something about the light). Well, having been such a lazy bitch for 2 days I woke up with a bit of a headache. I should have heeded the headache but I didn't

I might have mentioned it before - my Mother is convinced that I'm going to die of some kind of brain aneurism (I don't know how you spell it and you just know that if I can't be bothered to get dressed I won't be bothered to look up the spelling). I've been one of those 'heady' type people since ...heck, I just realised, it's been ever since I had to WORK FOR A LIVING! I used to get regular and frequent migraines and it was a nightmare having to drive home practically slumped against the window of your car.

Well, over time I've had my ups and downs. The worst probably when I ended up in the emergency room in the wee hours of the morning. It took them so long to give me the brain scan I got better and fucked off home. It's a good job I DIDN'T have what the doctor suspected or else I'D have been in the feckin tunnel waving at all my dead relies who'd come to welcome me into the land of the dead. At least I'd have had my beloved pajamas on.....

Anyhoo, I had been able to control my headaches through good diet and (cough) exercise. In fact, when I was in training for THE INTENDED JOB I didn't have one migraine. I was fit, energetic and full of the correct vitamins and minerals and shit. Shame it all went tits up really isn't it? If my life was a film I'd have got that fucking job. Like Rocky won his title fight (the original Rocky film of course) I'D have run up some feckin steps and jumped up and down like an arse. Actually, I DID do something like that. I passed the bloody bleep/endurance run thing despite looking like fucking Frodo Baggins running alongside all the statuesque men who were trying to get in too. I almost killed myself passing that run and I was proud that I didn't vomit on any of the aforementioned statuesque men at the end of it.

I'm rambling again.

What I'm trying to say is that sheer laziness and poor diet bought on another migraine which got really bad during the film. A film I was actually rather enjoying. It was bizarre to see a horror film which actually had a storyline! Anyhoo, the motion of the car on the way home made my old friend migraine go berserk and I made phoe pull over so I could strip off and lie on the back seat amongst the dog hair and crap. I wanted to die.

We picked up the dogs from her mad father's house and drove back home. Oh god, I felt like total shit. The idiot dog with no teeth hung over the rear seat and drooled/breathed into my ear. Bless him, he loves me but he is the stupidest dog in the world.

Phoe had to help me out of the car and made me take pills. NO MIGRALEVE. I put it somewhere safe. Fuck knows where though. Went upstairs. Ran to the bathroom and


'bought up my ring'


If you don't well, think really hard :)

..and so ends my lovely rambling tale of boring crap. Sorry guys, I'll do better next time :)

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