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2005-06-06 - 6:03 p.m.

I suspect that I might be a hypochondriac now.

...well, I would be if I wasn't so ill all the time


No, actually, I mean it! I don't seem to have stopped moaning about my ill health for ages now and I was about to start going on about the crick in my neck again but I won't.

...even though the pain is at the base of my skull and weirdly travels all the way up to my crown. Still, I don't say anything, I just carry on with a smile on my face (cough).

....even tho I secretly suspect that I might have some kind of embolism or stroke if I cough too hard!

Still, you gotta carry on haven't you?

Anyhoo, changing the subject: Took the fat dog to get a shave and now he's much happier. I asked for a 'number 1' but the woman was shocked at the suggestion and just clipped him to about an inch which is ok I guess. Don't want the other dogs to beat him up for having a deformed haircut or anything now do I?

Apart from that I've done sod all. I'm winding myself up in advance of the telephone call I will be receiving tomorrow at 11.30 from one of the 'main criminal justice system' agencies. Apparently they are going to give me verbal feedback for around 40 minutes on why I didn't get on their graduate scheme (even tho I KNOW I did really well at the tests). I intend to tell the bloke that no matter what excuses he gives, I KNOW I've been discriminated against because of my friendship with Phoe in reality.

...and on another level, who really wants to put aside 40 minutes of their day to basically hear how crap they are? Why do I put myself thru this shit?

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