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2005-06-05 - 6:59 p.m.

I've been a right miserable grumpy bastard today.

....actually, if you were to ask Phoe she'd probably suggest that I was miserable bordering on evil.

Dunno why, I'm off for 4 days now and have seen another 'it'll do for now' type job that is actually quite local, with reasonable hours and I'll be able to cycle there every day thus getting fit, beautiful and well able to pull the god-like hippy that I almost ran down in my beetle a couple of weeks ago.

See how my mind works? See one freakin' ad in the paper and all the ills of my life are sorted and suddenly I'm beautiful to boot! I'm probably more boot-like than beautiful, especially today as I'm a bit of a hunch back due to a pulled something or other in my neck that hurts like fuck. I dunno what's going on with me; I'm knackered at the moment, what with the virus bringing me down, the medication for the virus making me float around the ceiling, the crick in me bleedin' neck and the being possessed of devils it's no wonder I'm still sharing a house with my best mate :(

....will be forever more too.

Destined to be found rotted into the carpet covered in flies at an advanced age after being conned out of my life savings by some scrote who has told me it's gonna cost thousands to fix a tile on my roof. Either that or I'll just go mad and be found wandering the streets in my underpants with my old lady boobs dragging like spaniel's ears on the floor partly 'cause they've gone south and partly 'cause I've shrunk down to a couple of feet tall due to osteoporosis...

I think too much don't I?

I'm going to have a bath, rest my cricked neck and have a read of the Fortean Times in the bath I reckon. Perhaps I'll be a nicer person when I get out

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