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2005-06-23 - 7:43 p.m.

Happily my broken 'lady garden' is much better today. You wanna see the face of a person who's trying to walk with a load of intimate flesh missing whilst attempting to maintain a modicum of normality?

look here then

I've got that interview tomorrow and I fear that I've become over excited at the prospect of leaving my current slave driver. I've already thought of what I'll say to 'em and how I will feel knowing that I have put in my notice. I fear that I am in for a BIG disappointment for that is the way my life inevitably goes.

Sigh, I never thought I'd end up a defeatest; my nemesis FATE has done that to me. I wonder what spectacular accident I'll have on the way. I've already had the getting horribly lost and arriving 2 hours late, the not reading the letter properly and arriving a week too early, the falling in a giant puddle and arriving covered in mud and blood and finally the arriving bald and with no fingernails after choosing to travel by Virgin Trains (I doubt I need to say more).

I'm bricking it :(

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