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2005-06-22 - 11:13 p.m.

So, after becoming the kiss of death to Phoe's pet bird I've now kinda broken my erm, 'lady garden'.

I think I'm probably over sharing here but what the heck, I've read better over shared tales on diaryland this week (wink wink, noo). What I reckon I've done is accidently scratch a curl of skin off the inside of my (cough) 'bits' after absent mindedly wiping myself perhaps a bit too violently - and I tell you, it's bloody well smarting now!

I'll never walk the same or enjoy a good (or bad) man again (she exclaimed/exagerated!)

Anyhoo, moving on from tales of my smarting 'fanjita' I've got some potentially decent news for a change - I've got an interview on Friday for another job. It's not a great job but at least it's local and isn't for the bunch of bastards I'm working for now. It's also permanent and not just seasonal like my current one. It'll defo keep me going until I sort out my health to the satisfaction of the medics who are preventing me from taking up my place in 'THE INTENDED JOB'.

...and that's it (she said wincing after shifting position in the chair).

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