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2005-02-11 - 7:29 p.m.

I'm down

....doobie do down down, a comma comma down doobie do down down....


So any way. I received my annual Valentine Card from my gay pal R who claims to be my husband. Bless 'im.

I'm his Booby wife, Phoe is his Sci fi wife and his partner is his Troll Maid. Phoe and I used to have to share a card which was the saddest thing in the world - getting half a card from a gay man.

Have I told you this before? It sounds vaguely familiar. Guess I'm repeating myself in my old age.

Guess I'm repeating myself in my old age.


I've only got 32 days before I can reapply for THE INTENDED JOB but the website still claims to not be accepting new applications. Am I a new application? I dunno. Probably.

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