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2005-02-12 - 11:12 a.m.

Y'know I'm down in the dumps at the moment, well tonight I am supposed to be going to a murder night at someone I don't know's home.

s'all I bloody need...

I've got to turn up wearing a red jumper, earrings and a necklace and carrying a skiing magazine which I must show to people whilst telling them that my shop sells the clothes inside. My name is Onna Toboggan. Yeah, right. Apparantly we get more information when we get there so I don't know if I'm the murderer yet.

Hope I am. The way I feel I might commit a murder tonight any way. My defence would be that I thought I was supposed to bump someone off or that all the knives in the guy's back was an accident waiting to happen (call Rospa!)

I'm a right miserable sod and I don't even think that burning Clary Sage whilst drinking a glass of wine would help me (aromatherapist joke)...

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