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2005-03-16 - 12:56 p.m.

I'm bouncing back, I really am despite the core problems remaining and feeling quite anxious about my future. I had a boost in the week when I struck out to do the 'bleep test' endurance run to see just how much my fitness has improved (for THE INTENDED JOB) after killing myself at the gym a few times and cracking the dreaded 18 minute tough treadmill programme. I was so pleased that I ran my personal best, just 8 lengths off the requirement and I felt I could have carried on. Same result the next night, only my personal CD player with the 'bleeps' playing decided to pack up as I was running. I then discovered that the batteries had gone and that I had been achieving my best 'cause they weren't timing correctly. Ran it with new batteries last night and got NOWHERE.


I've already emailed to express my interest in continuing with my application on the strength of my improved endurance run too....

Again, Doh!

Anyhoo, to prove that I am really bouncing back I will over-share with you an incident that occurred last night. For the first time in weeks I laughed hard, really hard belly laughs that make you cry and you just can't stop. It's a disgusting story and it's probably best I don't share but what the hey, I'm gonna any way.

For breakfast I'd had poached egg. For lunch I'd had baked beans and throughout the day I'd feasted on raisens. Nice healthy food individually, but combined - it was a lethal cocktail

I've been in trouble with Phoe in the past for having rank wind. She's even grabbed me by the hair and thrown me out of the front door before. We have reached a compromise that I must go into another room, DROP MY TROUSERS so that the stench doesn't get caught in my clothes and slam the offending whiff in the appointed room.

Well, last night I out did ANY stench I had ever created in the past. Fortunately for Phoe she had only smelled the early batch before retiring to the office where she spent a couple of hours on the computer. I was left to stink out the living room in peace and without fear of persecution. Unfortunately she hit the roof when she came back in and despite my claims of being 'SERIOUSLY ILL' she wouldn't give me any sympathy. I even tried to sneak a couple out thinking that they would just blend in and perhaps be watered down by the current overpowering atmosphere.

.....It didn't work and her hurt and upset face started to make me giggle to myself.

'IT'S NOT FUNNY' she would shout, which made me giggle harder.

'Honestly, I'm not joking, it's all in my throat, it's disgusting!'

Then she did it, she actually started to genuinely cough whilst claiming that she'd bought some vomit up.

I'm laughing with tears now just typing it up, last night I thought I was going to have a heart attack I was laughing so much. I genuinely made someone sick with my wind. I am so proud :)

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