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2005-03-11 - 10:11 p.m.

Hmmmm, Spacepope is waving virtual carrots at me to try and tempt me out of my hibernation of grumpiness.

I think I've had what can only be described as 'an episode'. Between you lot and me, I've done some stupid things to myself over the past few days and I've frightened the people around me. I guess that when you have worked hard to achieve stuff and you end up a LOOOOOOSER time after time it might be understandable if one goes a bit 'nuts' for a while.

I am calming down a lot more now and falling into my usual resigned state. I tells ye, it was touch 'n go there for a while and His Popeliness was in danger of getting a call!!!!!

If The Fates can pick on someone else for a couple of weeks ol' Sket will be able to get her brain back in gear and will be back to her usual self. Sigh. It's not much to ask really, is it?

I want to thank Tree for being calm and telling me stuff I needed to hear. I want to thank Vanoonoo for echoing my sentiments and I want to thank Spacepope for offering to listen to me rant. I've made some brilliant virtual friends, I really mean it.

Cheers guys...

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