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2005-11-03 - 8:33 p.m.

So I actually ran like a lily-livered chicken for my life tonight...

But from what I hear you cry in consternation?

an aerobics class

Sorry, from WHAT?


I went to my first 'Bums 'n Tums' class tonight and was really disappointed. I thought it would be similar to yoga but doing deep muscle work on the ol' stomach muscles. How wrong was I, it was a stupid freakin' aerobics 'jumping around like a fanny' stupid class and I couldn't follow the stick of a woman's moves, couldn't understand her garbled 'vine/box step/walk it out' type crap and I felt completely out of place and like a stupid tit. When she did a move that turned her back from both me and the giant mirror I hit the swing doors at speed and legged it.

...it was too girly for me any way.

So what I been up to lately? Erm, I got a bollocking at work (she exagerated). Well, I was asked to no longer send personal emails because the 'decency' filter thing has picked up and quarantinged too many of my sent and received emails and the tech geeks are sick of me. Dunno if I will be in trouble when my line manager comes back to work tomorrow. Bloody hell, I'm a grown woman and even if I am in some kind of trouble, it's hardly the crime of the century is it? OooooOOOOooooh, boohoohoo, Sket SENT SOME PERSONAL EMAILS SEND HER BACK TO THE CALL CENTRE!!!!

...actually I mustn't joke about that, it'll make my hand start to form a claw again.

Erm, what else? I went to the optician and they actually tested my eyes properly (I decided that I really didn't like my old optician who told me off like I was a child once for contradicting what I'd previously said about how much or little I could see thru one of his stupid glass thingies). THIS optician found that my eyes are STILL very dry (something that happened years ago when my weird hormones went mad and turned me strange. I was always under the impression that my eyes were better. Apparently they're not. She found that I shouldn't have been wearing ordinary contact lenses and that I have caused some damage to my eyes! I tell you, that appointment was like Trial by Optician - the woman blew a blast of high-powered air into both my eyes, dropped yellow stuff into them and TURNED MY EYELIDS INSIDE OUT! How gross is that? I felt like I'd been attacked by the time I had to leave.

The upshot of the situation is that I've got a 2 week trial with some really strange thick contacts that allow the eye to breathe or something. I still can't see out the buggers tho, guess my eyes are screwed :(

...oh yeah, I discovered that you aren't supposed to go swimming in contact lenses as they can't guarantee the purity of the water and I might go blind if some kids piss or verucca gets behind the lens (or something). I now have to use goggles and I feel a right tit....

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