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2005-10-28 - 7:25 p.m.

Why are people so aggrivating and so bloody ARRRRRGGGHHHHH?

Phoe and I live in an old stone stable built in 1750 and up until we nabbed it, it was used as a holiday home. Unfortunately it hadn't really been updated since the 1960's so it was poorly decorated and the kitchen was horrendous. Well, I mentioned in an earlier post that we were, at last, getting a new fitted kitchen. The good news is that it was delivered in readiness for our cute kitchen-fitter/plumber/tiler guy to start fitting it at the start of November. The bad news is that we have no storage so it all got delivered to Phoe's mad father Wazza's garage.

Altho the man agreed initially he is now creating about it. WHY? The man's a fucking nightmare that's why. The stuff is in his garage, well out of his way and will only be there for about a week - what's the freakin big problem? The man frustrates the shit out of me; if he's not convinced he's dying (but won't go to the hospital as strongly suggested by the emergency doctor), he's being inconsistent everywhere else in his life and you just can't second guess what is going to be ok with him and just what isn't.

Phoe is almost at the end of her teather. She will never forgive him for the about turn he had when she needed him the most when we were buying this place and it hadn't quite completed in time and we were in effect homeless for a couple of weeks with all of our pets and essential stuff. I had gone back to Birmingham because my grandmother had just died but Phoe was supposed to be staying with him. I can't remember exactly what happened but she ended up packing up ALL the pets into her car (2 large dogs, one cat, 2 gerbils, 4 birds including a large parrot, some fish and my space monkeys PLUS our stuff and storming out in tears before having to drive around until she found someone good enough to rent her a flat on a short term lease WITH all of the animals. When I got back after the funeral I couldn't believe what was going on. The flat was dark, damp and tiny but at least we didn't have to ask HIM for any help. I think that was one of the lowest points of their relationship and belive me, there have been some MAJOR low points.

The bloke is insane he really is. I think I've mentioned before that I overheard him calling me all kinds of names under his breath because I HAVE to argue with him when he's being an arsehole and about the time Phoe took him away with her on one of her overnight presentations and was awoken by the sound of him shouting out in German thru the hotel room wall.

....Waz can't speak German.

He doesn't have much of a grasp of English either if you ask me.

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