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2005-11-07 - 10:19 p.m.

So how much am I looking forward to Thursday?

<..........This much and more..............................................................>

We found out yesterday that the greatest storyteller in the area is doing a ghost walk at St Catherine's lighthouse on the wild 'falling into the sea' part of my area. It's on a desolate moor (we've to bring torches) and he's going to tell us all about the wrecks of the area, the ghosts said to haunt the lighthouse, the weird deaths and spooky goings on from around and about this old smuggling area. We've been able to book our places and it sounds fantastic. Everyone's to meet in the olde pub car park before we go (in the wind and rain) to the lighthouse and then it's all off to the 15th century pub for sausage and mash (veggie sausages for us) and more ghost stories in the snug with the roaring fire keeping us company well into the night.


Other than that, went swimming tonight and got told by Phoe that one of my arms is much thinner than the other.

Great, I've got a fucking withered arm now :(

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