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2006-07-17 - 7:56 p.m.

I've had a right grump on myself lately. When I get grumpy I buy crap. I've so far bought:

A Che Guevara finger puppet, a Lao Tsu (6th Century Chinese Philosopher) finger puppet, a 'Crazy Cat Lady' action figure ('cause I suspect that this is my future), a Buddhist monk on a spring for the car and a Leonardo Da Vinci action figure.

Yesterday, feeling REALLY pissed off, I ended up buying a fucking Edgar Allan Poe action figure, a MOSES action figure (complete with staff and tablets of commandments), an Einstein action figure and wait for it, A DELUX Jesus action figure complete with GLOW IN THE DARK MIRACLE HANDS. WTF?

...I'm not even a Christian.

I'm a sucker for a load of old crap aren't I? Still, it makes me happy and I can play with my crap. In fact, here is one of my favourite pictures of myself. It's entitled 'Moaner Sketty'. No one else particularly likes my photos of tat but I'm having a hoot :)

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