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2006-07-07 - 10:46 p.m.

shit man, i'm pissed aagain and I tellyouy what, [email protected] not oing to bother to correct my typos. I jsut spent half an hour fixing messages I posted on fotothing and to be honest, I can't be bothered now. I' just going to have to try to concentratge hard.

ok, here we are. We just got bakc from Michaelangeolos (fuck, how o you type tha when yer bissed?). Been celebrating all the job offers which ahav beehn flooding in form e. How wonderful is taht? ONly problem is, I have to wrok notice in my current department and I;'ll only be in my new job for a month before i have to hand in my notice. I am so embarrassed and @i,m dreading it. They are going to ee so pissed off wth me form eseeing them about. The Fates always h ave to mess theings up dn'tthey? All I wnated was one reallty good job,. They either don't give me anything or 2 at the same time thus leaving me int he shit and messing peopel about. I ahte messing people about.

I had some stupid bloke croaking down the hphone at me yesterday in a surreal impersination of his neightbours phone. He said it sounde dliek a frog. It's a freaking phone idiot, how can you oput in an official compailnit about yoer neighbours pohn e? Still, I logged it and thougtbh about how I would be dealing with assholes like this every dya in the neighbourhood office. I'm klinda glad I'll be leaving, I telly ou!

still dreading it ghotu.

Anyohw,. Phoe and I went for a slap up meal at our fave expensive italian restaurant and I got pised on wine. I realy hate wine, it tastes like metal and I have no tolerance to it. Two botle s later i'M pissed and we're walking h ome from the place. She went for a discrete wee in the hedge. Ipissed in the middle of the path with myh legs spread as wide as possible. I'm sure my lady garden/fanjita/lettuce is built wrong tho. mY piss still hit he side of my right leg nd went all into my shoe! How come Phoe doesn't ever get itno a mess and I always do? I's not fair man!

I'm going now, i usspect I'm rmablin g n in a drunken and unattractive fashion as per usual. We got more wine and my ears are numb. When it hits mty face and hands I' know @i m in trouble and I'll get all maudalin (did I get tha t one word right I wonder? I can'tg be bothered to check )

hic, why doen't anyoen lo9ve me man?

Oh well, who needs anyone else hwen you've got a Che Guevara finger puppet?

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