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2006-07-25 - 7:33 p.m.

I'm pissed off. It's my happiest state so I'm not looking for any sympathy. There are several things pissing me off at the moment including the on-going stress of having to tell my employers that I will be leaving my new job 2 days after I start it 'cause I've had a better offer, which joins in with the next thing that's winding me up which will be the whole 'being trapped for 7 weeks in a new job role where everyone knows you are leaving and therefore can't be bothered with you' thing.

On a lighter note(?) I've dyed my hair and I bloody hate it. Phoe thinks it looks great but it's fucking diarhoea brown if you ask me. Great, I'm pissed off and I've got hair the same colour as the runny shit my dog put down yesterday. Surprised my head isn't covered in confused looking flies :(

On Friday 'Closer' magazine is coming over to interview Phoe about what she's been doing with her life since all the bad shit happened to her. Of course they want a photo of me. Well, they can piss off. They are NOT taking my freakin photo and I am NOT going to be involved in the interview and it's not just because my head looks like someone spilled shit down it. I just refuse to be involved in these things. We've been shafted before and as most of you know, I'm nuts and have problems with myself and I can't put myself thru the torment of being seen by people.

"but why have you posted pictures of yourself on-line in the past then Sket?"

Good question, Conscience and to be honest I don't know. I am nuts and I can't explain why I do certain things then decide I can't do them again. It's like my weird 'round things' phobia. I can't explain why some round things are fine but OTHER round things freak the living daylights out of me and why, at the moment my brain is having some kind of protest and is refusing to eat anything. I haven't had anything for 3 days now and I'm fine, just tired. Weird huh?

...the round things btw. I have found that 'organic' round things seem to set me off. Insect eggs, growths on the undersides of leaves, lumps - that kind of thing. I'm fine with balls and shit like that(she said, realising she's starting to sound like a neurotic weirdo).

Ahh, I'm just tired and grumpy. Take no notice of me.

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