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2006-06-27 - 12:28 a.m.

You wanna hear typical of my luck?

It is said that should a black cat cross your path you will have good luck. Today a black cat did cross my path.

...and my lucky cat?

Got mown down by a 4X4 right in front of me.

Yup, lady luck sent me a lucky omen which in turn the Fates decided to attempt to smash into oblivion purely to show me that there is no hope.

Ah, but I'm a hippy pagany type person and I think that the mantra/spell type thing I put on my own cat every time she leaves the house protected this poor little sod too. In short, my (precious) ungrateful little shit of a cat has been knocked down twice on this road and is now terrified to go out in daylight. When she does go out I have become a bit freaky and obsessive as I HAVE to say:

"Stay out of the road and away from bad people and cars. Don't end up hurt, flat, injured, perturbed, damaged or frightened in any way, shape or form."

It's stupid really 'cause if Phoe lets her out without saying the words then I have to comfort myself that the residual protection from the last time would have to do until I can renew it.

Mental, moi?

...anyhoo, the black cat darted in front of my car and into the 4X4 just after I'd started out for work and I recognised him as my cat's pal. The feckers in the 4X4 didn't stop - heck, the blind bastards probably didn't even know - stupid blonde woman with a single tiny child strapped in the back driving along in their tank, oblivious to everything else in the world around them. I pulled over and ran to my lucky cat who was lying in a weird position, legs splayed, ears back and mouth wide open in the centre of the main road. I picked him up carefully praying I wasn't hurting him even more and started to carry him to the house from which he seemed to run. A craggy workman in an old tatty van stopped and called to me to ensure that the animal was ok (that was nice). As I carried 'Lucky CAt' up the drive he suddenly came back to life and practically ripped my face off to get away. I dropped him and he darted off. I found out that he actually belonged to the people next door to my house. I didn't see him again but called Phoe to check up to ensure he got home safely and wasn't hiding anywhere slowly dying.

....The little shit was FINE! Yay my lucky black cat! He turned out to be a SHE called Mindy and was eating her fecking dinner when Phoe finally called around.

I got no skin on my hands but the cat got fussed and got a clean bill of health from the vet. I actually saw another cat run under a car later on today. I am refusing to look at any cat for the next few days lest it should try to commit suicide in front of me :(

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