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2006-06-25 - 6:27 p.m.

I'm winding myself up BIG time. If I don't get that job as a Neighb0urhood Officer I don't know how I will take it and I'm quite scared of myself. I can be quite a resentful person when I believe I have been wronged.

Here's my thought pattern:

The other candidate completely fucked up one of the psychometric tests and achieved an 'invalid' score. MY scores were all really high.

The other candidate is already at the same professional level/pay structure but in a different role. She works part time and isn't sure whether she really wants to work full time - a requirement of this role. I have a degree and am completely wasted in the role I currently find myself in. My personality profile basically said the same thing - that I feel frustrated with my situation. This position would address that problem and my degree ties in with their Neighb0urhood Strategy, something they are banging on and on about.

The other candidate already goes out into the community/goes to Court when she serves Notices to Quit on people who aren't paying their rent. She does have dealings with shitty people and can handle those situations. I don't have that experience within this situation but I have been a uniformed officer on the streets in the past and have had to use my skills in order to prevent my head getting kicked in by irate builders, I have worked in the young people's hostel getting shouted at by drugged up piss-heads and I have had loads of experience lone working.

She looks the part, I don't. In my mind I win the fight but I bet I fucking don't. The moustachioed personnel officer 'S' took us both aside individually on Friday to say that they couldn't make a decision and hopefully they will on Monday but she (yes, SHE - with a moustache) couldn't guarantee it would be Monday either! WHAT'S TO FECKIN DECIDE? The other woman bloody failed one of the tests! AND IT WAS THE ONE INVOLVING NUMBERS - AND SHE'S A RENT ACC0UNT 0FFICER!

Actually, one thing I didn't mention was that my personality profile kinda made me look a bit 'special needs' which took some explaining at the interview. The guy who's leaving and who's job one of us will be taking over took the piss out of me unmercifully on Friday. He called me up pretending to be someone from a community centre for disabled/special needs people to say that they had a place for me and that they would send the 'Sunshine Coach' to pick me up but I mustn't lick the windows. He also said that they would make special provision for my bathroom needs so's I wouldn't be sitting in my own crap all afternoon.

Tut! I better get this bleedin' job after all this.....

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