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2006-06-28 - 8:12 p.m.

Woah now Sket, take it easy. Don't let the reality of things actually going right for a change hit you square in the face and give you a nose like a bad boxer.

Yup, you read right - things are on the up for dear ol' Sketty. The Sketmeister. Sket. Skettipoos. Moi. Me, myself and I. The Sket

Checking back on this time last year, I was working in the nightmare call centre from hell (dealing with the phantom shitter on a daily basis), having left University with a degree yet no prospects. No fucker would touch me with a barge pole (she said, noticing that her language has been getting particularly ripe lately) and I was downer than a completely down thing in a who's the most down competition. Who'd a thunk that 12 months later I'd be on the up.

You probably guessed already - I got the Neighb0urhood 0fficer job!

Can you believe it? I GOT the bugger! ME with the non-serious hair and stupid car. The short-arse with no dress sense - I GOT THE JOB MAN!

Oh, I just found this entry on the line of muy computer screen. I thiought I'd posted this ages ago. I'm fekcin pissed now man, I don't known what I'm typingby the way. I'm as pished as a fart at the moment. I don't particularly dirnk like I used to so a can of extra strenght lager and half a bottle of champers has done for me.

Need a new car. Actully, i'm going now as I'm pissed and I don't know whaot I'm typing

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