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2006-01-15 - 1:25 p.m.

It's been a few days I know and I don't suspect that this entry is going to be very long as Phoe's moron father is due over in about 4 minutes. I just wanted to tell you how I've been getting on and how I am simply not myself lately.

Not yourself Sket?

No conscience, not myself and you wanna know in what way?

Of course, but who said I was your conscience? I might be the start of a frightening voice in your head which is going to start telling you to kill people!

Oh you kidder! I know you conscience!

Awww, you're too quick for me Sket! Heh heh :)

Any way, back to the story with NO more interuptions! I've had hypnotherapy and I feel fucking WONDERFUL! The bastards have taken the grump out of the Sket and she's uncharacteristically SMILEY! Jeez, who'da thunk it? Happy! Me? For no reason other than someone has messed about with my head!

I went originally to ask for (shit, I can't concentrate on this entry any more, Phoe's Dad is here and he doesn't talk, he shouts and I can't fucking concentrate. I'll keep trying for a bit but if it continues I'll tell you more later!

...so, where was I? Hypnotherapy, yes; I went in order to fix my head so that I can sort out myself to continue on with my application for THE INTENDED JOB and they need evidence that I've sorted out my eating disorder and the madness that surrounds it (heck, there, I've admitted it all to you instead of always skating around the subject). The Hypnotherapist I chose is also a qualified psychotherapist and counsellor and understood the shit I was telling her about the stuff I do and why I think I do them and she reckons I have a good understanding of myself and that in the deeply relaxed.. (the noisy git has shut up for a second because the cricket scores are on. Hopefully Phoe will give him something to eat now so that his mouth can be used to do something other than shout about how many times the phone company has called him in the past week.) ....state she can put me in she will be able to place positive suggestions that will stay in my subconscious and make things so much better with no effort!

It only worked!

Well, so far any way. This was Friday and although today is only Sunday I've been to work, dealt with people who usually wind me up, have not snapped at Phoe EVEN when she's been in a shitty mood and I've been very Snow White-ish and well, nice
. It just ain't me!

I dunno what else she might have done but I don't even have the wind any more!

....hope I don't become a boring bastard!

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