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2006-01-22 - 4:38 p.m.

Today is a black and frankly, freaky day; it's the anniversary of the really REALLY bad shit that happened to Phoe and she's acting really weird and I know that the atmosphere isn't going to lift for at least 8 days.

It's horrible just being around at the moment and the alternative is work and I hate that even more. Fuck

I have put my escape plan in motion and now I feel guilty 'cause I'll be screwing the staff team over and they are really nice. I've never worked with young people (apart from when I was duty manager of the big indoor adventure play facility thing and we all know that I ended up with Chicken Pox and hiding in that Wendy House whilst rocking back and forth, eyes wide in the midst of a breakdown! It was the noise, the incessant noise of children. I can't stand it!) This time I'm supposed to be supporting vulnerable y0ung pe0ple and after 6 weeks I'm cracking! I ain't cut out for the youth of today I tell yeee!

Guess it's because I've never been a parent, have no maternal instincts and get pissed off far too quickly than I should. I kinda think that I've had a hard time and it's made me strong and independent. Why can't every other fucker learn to get out of bed and sort themselves out? ALSO, whenever you DO try to help 'em they roll their eyes to the ceiling and talk to you like you're some kind of arsehole from the planet Arsehole! I'm being too harsh I know, I think it's because I am living in a weird atmosphere at the moment and I'm starving.

But out of the blackness comes a glint of hope, SKETTY'S ECO-WORM EMPORIUM lives! Well, it doesn't actually live at the moment, I've just got my wormery thing set up and if it works out ok I am going to look into getting a grant and expanding it to a small commercial level. I think it's just 'cause I really REALLY want a giant fibreglass worm for the roof of my old Beetle :)

....I've called 'em all Bob 'cause you can't really name a thousand mainly identical worms. So I guess they are the 'Bob Collective'. When I've worked out why my camera has decided not to download my photos I'll share 'em with you!

Actually you could check out my fotothing site if you wanted. It's got bits of the worm stuff and also Batdog and his sidekick Batfool which are much more interesting:

Sket's Fotothing site

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