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2006-01-07 - 12:47 p.m.


....those were the words, shouted across from Phoe's bedroom, that woke me this morning.


Anyhoo, what's going on with me?

Work and bloody long hours that's what. I was on a 9am - 10pm last night and Wednesday 9am - 11pm! If you read my diary regularly you will know that late nights that aren't spent doing something pleasurable = grumpy in Sket world. Actually, saying that, I haven't been too bad and my nerves are starting to calm a bit now. I can't even be bothered to tell you what I have had to deal with, enough to say that I received a real muzzy headache after catching out people smoking something 'interesting', had a visit from the police in a separate incident, broke up a fight and hung around an office that is no bigger than a cell for far too many hours than is healthy and I don't like it. I've never been maternal and I don't do caring that often any more so what am I doing in this job?

Yup, it was another of Skets wonderful ideas (that went wrong). My life is littered with them so I should just accept it, serve my time and hope that everything sorts itself out. At least I'm earning.

Spending so much time in one place and for the most part of it alone, you have to take lunch and dinner. Unfortunately yesterday I took lentil soup, raisins (?) and BAKED BEANS (I never was very good at planning meals). Phoe very nicely picked me up from work and made some joke about not recognising me any more, I've been away so long.

"YOU WILL KNOW ME BY MY STENCH" I proclaimed before farting a big long lentil and baked bean fart into her car which made her cry.


...no wonder I haven't got a bloke. And no wonder she saw fit to flick a bogey at my cat the next morning. We're gonna end up living together FOREVER at this rate; I think we've gone past the point of no return in the ladylike stakes :(

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