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2006-01-03 - 8:49 p.m.

Hey Ho people. Three days in and how is the new year shaping up? Pretty crappy by most accounts. Hope things look up very quickly for those who are feeling the strain/have said stupid, regretful things to people they care deeply about or are just feeling generally down in the dumps.

As for me? Well I'm preparing for a 9am - 11pm shift tomorrow. I say preparing, I'm actually slowly grumpifying as the evening progresses. Today's shift wasn't too bad 'cause I managed to get some serious idling time in by pretending to take down the christmas decorations in the communal lounge area early enough for the residents to all still be in bed so I would be free to sit and watch 2 re-run episodes of Friends, an old Cheers episode and most of an old re-run of 'Those Magnificent Men in their Flying Machines' which kinda sums up the utter crapness of UK terestrial TV. Re-run after bloody re-run. Still, at least it was good skiving tv - nothing too highbrow and something you could sit with a blank, zombified look on your face whilst watching :)

I also ate something like a gallon of soup at one stage!

Other than that, my cousin has gone into hospital for cancer surgery today so the whole family is holding it's collective breath hoping that she's going to be fine. We already know that the form of Chemo she's going to have to have will make her lose her hair. She has beautiful long black hair but if it has to go in order to save her then so be it. We've already agreed that in April we'll be doing the big cousin bonding thing by hitting the comedy clubs around Birmingham and I'm looking forward to it. She had a big New Years party at her house that I missed 'cause I had to come back and work and well, it sounds as if I missed out on some of the OTHER members of my extended family really showing themselves up and upsetting my sick cousin.

Typical innit? Bloody typical. We've all been treading on eggshells around her by following her wishes and not mentioning her condition or getting upset. We ensured that arsehole Uncle number 1 (who always gets drunk and tries to start a fight/says something stupid) was removed from the party just as the arsehole fairy had sprinkled arsehole dust over him and he was about to start. The stronger members of the family (we're like something out of freakin' Dynasty - only without the money - a huge family run by the women) stopped the weaker one's from getting upset in front of my cousin.

Then the shit hit the fan.

One of my other cousins got so pissed he fell thru the hedge, called one of my sick cousin's son's friends (is this getting confusing?) a wanker and then vomited all over someone's car. HIS MOTHER, a respectable legal secretary, ALSO fell thru the hedge, said something utterly racist about ANOTHER of these friends and then said something utterly disgusting in front of many of the guests and her kids who were utterly horrified. Apparently, back home she then had a blazing row with her daughter and ended up slapping her across the face with a great deal of force.

Families huh? Still, I'd rather be up there part of the soap opera than down here looking at some twat letting off 4 bloody fireworks :(

I think that despite all my grouching and complaining this is going to be a good year - I feel it in me water :)

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