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2005-09-24 - 12:16 a.m.

At fucking last - some good news to share with you all.

You all know (well, those who read my diary regularly do any way) that I have been trying to attain a certain level of health as dictated by occupational heath medics in order to get into THE INTENDED JOB (I can't name the job, even tho I probably accidently did at some stage, 'cause I'd probably have to lock my diary then)

...a little clue: It's within the criminal justice field

....and I'd have to wear a uniform.

Anyhoo, I had been given 6 months and things haven't been going to plan which has gone a long way towards my recent depression and constant stream of deeply miserable diary entries. Anyhoo, I took my courage in hand and wrote to the recruitment department to tell them that I hadn't made it and asked what avenues of appeal I might have. Today turned out to be the crunch day; I came home from working my night shift last night to find a message from 'recruitment' asking me to call.

Shaking and trying to suppress a serious panic attack I called. Fortunately the woman was lovely and had decided to extend my time to the end of the year so I've got 3 more months to achieve their targets! She even said that should I still not make it in time that I should contact them when I do and they will work out something in order to get me thru! BLOODY HELL. I feel renewed and ready to continue the fight.

....and in other news: I went for an interview at a well snotty place a few days ago. I knew that I hadn't got the job the minute I pulled into the mile-long tree lined driveway in my old vw beetle which promptly dripped oil all over the car park. It looked so shabby next to the sports cars and top of the range 4X4s and I felt so out of place. The interviewer looked like she had a permanent bad smell under her nose and the interview lasted just 20 minutes without her actually asking me anything. Sigh, when the only thing they can comment on is how neat your handwriting is you kinda know you blew it. Still, I wouldn't have fit in there and I'm not bothered. I know that I have to get away from this call centre hell and I believe that it is coming soon. Haven't heard about the dogshit job so I probably haven't got it but there are several others that I have applied for and MAY get.

And Finally: The giant 'log' in the men's toilets at work saga ends! Despite having been there for several months, the log has now gone. The funniest thing is, the ENTIRE toilet has been removed and a brand new one is now in place. Now THAT is something to be proud of! Whoever produced a shit large and indestructable enough to warrant a complete change of toilet is in a shitting league of their own if you ask me.....

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