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2005-09-17 - 1:56 p.m.

I was on a late shift at work yesterday which was a shit, 'specially as I'd been on an early and due to finish at a reasonable time. Being a soft touch I'd swapped my hours with a girl who was quitting and asked me nicely if she could get out of the place as early as possible. Boy I did feel sorry for myself as I saw her leave in daylight hours.....

But that aside, work was actually ALRIGHT yesterday! I couldn't believe it, everyone there was so.......nice to me! Members of staff actually STOPPED in their tracks to ask how I was and when I had to spend an hour in a seperate office shredding loads of paperwork, the guy who lives in there asked me what music I liked before we decided on listening to Hendrix at full volume. THEN the guy who looks like Caligula spent the rest of the day trying to fix me up with one of his colleagues who just so happens to be the only guy I'd picked out on my first day as the one I'd 'do'. Not bad I guess but now I've decided that I'm not interested. I suspect that there's something wrong with me nowadays, whenever a guy gets just a bit too close I back off. Ho hum...

.....but the best bit of the day, the bit that made it worthwhile getting up for was my conversation with 'K' the gay supervisor who told me all about the men's toilets (here goes my toilet obsession again!). Apparently there is a giant turd in one of their cubicles that won't go away. i was regaled with a full description of just how enormous the turd is and how it has been 'nipped off' at the end, indicating that there was more to come. It would appear that it was there for a few days and as supervisor 'K' was getting complaints and every day sent a complaint to maintenence or ANYONE to do something about this giant shit which was stinking out the place. No one would take responsibility and on day 4 'K' went back to try and flush it again, hoping it had softened. Turns out that someone HAD DONE ANOTHER SHIT ON TOP OF IT!

Jeez, who are we dealing with here?

Anyhoo, the upshot of the situation is that maintence came and sealed off the door. Yep, a couple of months later and the giant shit and his friend are still in the toilet with the lid down over them and the door has been baracaded shut. Is that fucking hysterical or what?

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