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2005-09-25 - 11:29 a.m.

I'm dying I'm sure of it. I feel like shite.

...I'm NEVER drinking again.

I threw a sickie from purgatory yesterday 'cause I don't know just how much more of the bloody place I can take and I'm sick of the stinking shift patterns and the moron callers. Phoe and I went out for an italian meal instead at our new favourite place on the esplanade. I don't really drink but as we were celebrating my good news about THE INTENDED JOB and the decent kitchen we are about to get I allowed myself a wee tipple.


so it wasn't so wee and I ended up singing the songs of the musical Hair at the top of my voice when we got home. I'd hate to listen back to my version of 'Aquarius' tho I think that 'Masterbation' (the song, the song!)went quite well.

...and so on to today. I have makeup smeared all over my face and mascara panda eyes, I've got weird hair which had been straightened for last night and now just looks weird and half wavy/curley and waves of nausia. I'm never drinking again....

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