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2005-11-08 - 10:00 p.m.

Y'know, Diaryland isn't half as fun when you've got a big lock on your diary. I'm seriously considering taking it off and forgetting about the government job. I don't even really want the job any way.

I've been humiliating my pets again by the way. Here is the pictorial evidence:

"Grrrrrr, arf arf, woof howwwwwwllllllll"

(Bablefished from dog to human: "THEY are listening to our thoughts and they are trying to control us. For example, only yesterday aliens made me steal a sausage and pee up a little girl's bike......"


...as for the withered arm situation, I have been looking at myself in the mirror long and hard and I CAN'T BLOODY TELL THE DIFFERENCE! Phoe absolutely pissed herself yesterday by telling me that I was like the character from Scary Movie II (withered hand/arm) and that when I next go swimming I should take note of whether I am swimming in circles.

....best friends, who needs 'em?

It's her birthday tomorrow, she won't see another one if she carries on like this :(

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