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2005-11-09 - 11:36 p.m.


Black Wednesday hit


Phoe was away working (on her birthday too!) and at lunch time I got into the car and realised NO LUNCH - I'd forgotten to pick the bleeder up and it was sitting merrily in the kitchen back at home :(

Later on I told her that I had to be comforted by staff in the medical room with a blanket around me AND SHE BELIEVED ME! Heck, I'm sad but not THAT pathetic LOL.

...altho I was quite pathetic. I knew that there was a travelling sandwich salesman who came around most days and I paced up and down hoping he would come today. I tell you, things were so desperate that even Bob Geldof was worried about me. My face was covered in flies and Z list celebrities wanted to sing for me in order to feel righteous and to boost their flagging careers. FORTUNATELY, the 'Mary's Bun Run' van came by just in time and I wandered over nonchalantly (whereas I wanted to sprint and knock everyone out of the way). I groaned internally when I heard the bloke say that he didn't have much left. There was nothing vegetarian so I had to have a vile (and get this for a combination) egg mayo with bacon sandwich. Despite picking off the sliced corpse I could still taste it a bit. YUK.

...and that's my tale of woe.

Told you I was pathetic. Despite living for 24 hours, the only thing I felt worthy of noting down was the fact I forgot to pick up my lunch this morning.

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