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2005-12-17 - 1:09 a.m.

Ok, I admit it, I disgraced myself and let down all of womankind by admitting that we get itchy arses too guys. Of course, most laydeeeeees know how to get rid of their itches in a ladylike way; I just had a good old rake around in public and that made things even worse for myself. It's no wonder I'm single is it? In disgrace I will turn over this diary entry to the latest and the greatest new weapon to fight the forces of evil.

I present


BATDOG, Brave and True! Fighting the forces of evil so that we can walk the streets without fear of violence!

Batdog, ready to protect the innocent! Batdog complete with utility belt and shark repellent spray (probably) and plenty of 'KEWPOW's and bad 70's music accompanyment!

Batdog, ready to battle evil (unless it's in the form of one of those little bastard yappy type dogs, 'cause let's face it folks - they are far too scary, even for Batdog!

Stupid fat Batdog refuses allow anyone to remove his costume which means that his secret identity is likely to get rumbled sooner rather than later.

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