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2005-05-22 - 11:07 a.m.

...well, in about an hour I'm off for my annual 2 days of being put up
in a castle with it's own Loch. Phoe is giving a presentation in Scotland and every year they fly us up, pick us up and sometimes even take us on a quick tour of Edinburgh.

Life's hard y'know :)

The first year we made the trip I was as sick as a dog but tried my hardest to seem upbeat and normal. I collapsed on my way up the stairs to my room which was quite embarrassing. I discovered a couple of days later that I had chicken pox (at my bloody age!) which meant that I'd have infected anyone who wasn't already immune within the airport, the plane itself, the pub in Edinburgh, ALL the Scottish coppers who were training, the taxi driver to and back from the airport and anyone who just happened to pass me. Blimey, it was like Typhoid Lil all over again....

Let's hope all goes well this time. It'll be the first year I'm not trying to revise for a law exam at the same time which'll be nice.

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