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2005-05-23 - 7:08 p.m.

....so, after I made my last entry I decided to take the dogs for a quick run around the park before the taxi came to take us to the airport.

In a freak accident I somehow smashed myself in the face with a camera that was zipped into the pocket of the light jacket I was wearing. It caught me sharp on the nose/boney bit under my eye and knocked me sick for an instant. I then felt warm liquid running out of my nose.

Yep, I'd given myself a bloody nose half an hour before flying to Scotland.

I must also have knocked my teeth together 'cause they hurt for the rest of the night. Luckily, the pain in my nose became simply a weird feeling and the tenderness to the area remained just that, swelling and tenderness - no black eye. Bloody great huh?

The guys in Scotland were charming as usual, there was a great deal of eye candy and we even got to oggle a fella in a kilt. I love Scotland :)

They were all really pleased that I'd passed everything to join up and let me into a secret. As I am a short-arse, once I am actually 'in', my nickname will automatically become 'Laptop' 'cause I'll be a small PC.

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