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2005-11-30 - 12:39 a.m.

Shhhhhh (I'm giggling to myself but I shouldn't, I've been bad)


No, stop. Honestly I mustn't laugh. I've upset Phoe and that is making me laugh even harder. Fortunately I've got good suppressing/silent laughter skills and I've been able to come into another room so that i can get it out of my system. You want to know what I did this time?

She showed me a photograph of herself as a young child and I told her she looked like a mosquito HAHAHHAHAHAHHA!

The mosquito-faced child! Honestly, she was a funny looking bugger. I thought she'd laugh too but she looked crushed.

Makes up for telling me I've got a deformed skull and a withered arm I guess.


In other news: The kitchen is kinda finished. We've got to re-hire the guy to come in and do the tiling and to do the floor but other than that we've got a brand new kitchen and it's lovely. If I can be arsed (read - if anyone gives a shit) I'll post a before and after pic. I've also got a picture of Kevin the electrician. Shall I post it?

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