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2006-01-29 - 5:57 p.m.

I've been a right bastard today. I know it but I can't help myself and I can actually feel my brow furrowed and I can hear myself talking to Phoe like she's the biggest cretin this side of the equator. I even started ranting about some woman I barely know who we've not seen in about 6 months and who I decided I DIDN'T want to bump into when I was forced against my will to go with Phoe to walk the dogs.

Rant rant rant, and the poor woman was probably tucked up at home without a care in the world and without a thought of me in her head and I was being the biggest bitch-queen from hell about her. Bloody ridiculous! The woman's never even done anything but be nice and pleasant to me in the past either so I don't even know where it all came from.

I guess I must be possessed of Devils or something. Perhaps I need an exorcist and a good meal

......or a screw

(I've probably healed up by now any way, she said in a grumpy, unladylike way)

I dunno what's wrong with me; this is the worst grump I've had in ages. I do believe it hit me when Phoe said that we had to take the dogs for a walk and I, for reasons unknown to myself, took offence. I hate the park and I hate the beach (said the tree-hugging hippy, uncharacteristically). I wanna go on a road trip or go exploring somewhere new. I'm sick of everything and every one.

You wanna know the probable real reason? I had to do a sleep over at work last night and I HATE doing sleep overs. I've also got my 24 hour shift looming again and I hate that even more. I'm applying for other jobs at the moment but I feel week and tired all the time. I think I've got to eat but I can't, dammit!


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