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2005-04-08 - 12:02 a.m.

Just a quickie. After my 'possessed of devils' behaviour of last night I tried to ensure that I had a smile on my face when Nigel came tonight. Of course the smile was probably more of a grimace but at least I tried.

We went and did the run in the pouring rain, despite my sad little hopeful face looking up at his when we discovered the wetness of the night.


Even Nigel was shocked. Level 5 is just 4 lengths off the requirement and 31 of the 35 I need! Wa-hoo! Perhaps I will make it after all

I'd be all chuffed and smiley now if I didn't have to go to bed only to arise and take a train to pergatory for the weekend. Wish me luck people, I will let you know how everything went on Monday....

Oh yeah - a weird old woman turned to me in the post office to ask if she had any twigs or leaves in her hair. I had a cursory look at her grey beehive (yeah, I know) before deciding that she was fine.

"Been scrambling through hedges?" I quipped

"It's those bloody CHICKENS again! They've got all that space yet they want to live in a hedge. I've just about had it with all the chickens everywhere. CHICKENS!!!"

I decided to go quiet and not to proceed with the conversation. From past experience I have learned that if you encourage strange people they come to think you as a close friend and then you've had it. I still have to hide from the woman in the hat who calls me Chief!

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