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2005-04-11 - 11:43 a.m.

Y'know how this is my life and how the Fates like to play with me and ensure that my life is between 40 and 80% harder than it should be?

They decided to play with me over my horrific weekend.

Oh they didn't, did they Sket? I hear some of you cry

Yup, they coitenly did.

I knew that I should have driven up to Rugby but would have had to borrow Phoe's car 'cause the Beetle would never have made it (well, perhaps it would but it'd have taken 8 days to get there). I was persuaded to take the train....

  1. 09.30 - Discovered that due to high winds the ferry that I needed would not be sailing (but the one in half an hour would be. What's the point in that? The weather isn't going to change dramatically in half an hour! Ah, of course, it's down to my old adversary FATE - it means that I will miss my train....)
  2. 09.35 - Arrive at the hovercraft terminal. (Only MY LIFE would allow a hovercraft which sits on a cushion of air and could easily get taken by the wind to run and a more stable catamaran to be cancelled. It can only be FATE). It doesn't leave until 10am, my train is at 10.15, it's 8 minutes across and then a 5 minute bus journey. It'll be tight but I might just make it.
  3. I wait for the next train which will get me to London with just 20 minutes crossing time to get from Waterloo to Euston station for the next leg of the journey.
  4. I get to London with now, just 15 minutes to get my next train. The taxi driver is brilliant and nearly kills us both in order to get me there on time. pleasepleaseplease let the next train be a bit delayed so I can catch it
    No bloody luck - I missed it by less than a minute
  5. Had to wait an hour for the next train which would get me to Rugby with 20 minutes before everything was due to kick off. Oh yeah, the journey from Rugby train station to the training center would be 16 minutes (assuming I could get a taxi quickly)
  6. Get the next train which is being run by VIRGIN. My heart sinks. Richard BLOODY Branson and his fucking trains. 7 empty carriages for first class passengers and 3 for standard class which were packed and people had to stand up. It was bad, really bad. One bloke fell over someone's luggage whilst trying to get through and actually went down, there were kids crying and there genuinely was no where to move. I was standing in a corridor by the toilets with 5 other people and their bags and I started to feel decidedly ill. My mobile phone is with Virgin too and that's fucking crap also so I couldn't tell Phoe who was worrying about me what was going on....
  7. Got to Rugby about 3 minutes late, clocked the old woman and the family who might want a taxi and ran like my arse was on fire to get the bastard for myself.
  8. Got to Newbold Revel training centre at 14.59, bald and without fingernails. Someone else arrived at the same time. She had driven and become lost which caused her lateness, we walked into the lecture theatre after dumping our bags on the floor of the reception together just 4 minutes late........

After that nightmare things calmed down and I guess I will fill you in another time. I don't want TOO mammouth a diary entry. I'll just say that I believe that I did very very well and I will be very surprised if I don't get offered a place. That aside, I have been here before believing that I have done well only to discover I haven't. If I don't get in I don't think I will be entirely gutted, the weekend has been an invaluable experience and I could see myself growing and meeting the challenges well. They of course questioned me hard about Phoe which may very well go against me. Unfortunately I had filled out the initial application form many months ago before I realised it could be a problem. Heck, I always thought it was great experience and showed my strength. Seems like some people think I might have gone mad through it all and want to kill people (?!!!!?)

I'll leave it in the lap of the gods. Of course, the intervention of Fate might have been it's last chance of getting me before things start going right again so it gave me a good pasting on the journey. Let's see. It'll be about 6 weeks before I find out....

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