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2005-01-13 - 11:02 p.m.

Just a quickie, I had 2 letters today; one about that Procurement position - I've got through to stage 2 afterall!!!!!!!!!

....that's the one where they give you a free bike loan in order to be more green. I SO want a shiny new bicycle (not in itself a good reason to take I job granted, but I SO WANT A BICYCLE)

I also heard from the Prison Service - I'm through to Stage 2 of interviews for their Graduate Management scheme! That's the one where they agreed to let me apply despite my 'foreign-ness' on the understanding that my dual nationality comes through before March. It's also the one that I will take if I get it but I really don't want to go into the Prison Service and be a Jack-booted bastard liable to get her 5'2" head kicked in by Mr Big's henchmen

(think my perception of the job is out? I dunno, I'll have to research the role more if it looks as tho Fate is sending me that way)

Called up to find out about the Coroner's Assistant position - someone from personnel is 'supposed' to be calling me back either today (didn't) or tomorrow (how much do you bet they don't?). I SOOOOOOOO want that job.

Finally, we've had a massive shock - Phoe had her tax bill today and has to find over 2 grand by the end of the month. It will wipe us out completely. She will have to find another 1500 in July towards next years bill too (you have to pay a chunk in advance for some reason). She went back to bed depressed and stayed there until 4pm whilst I did what I do best and phoned around trying to sort the mess out. I think I've done a decent job; I hate it when home life is a misery. I'll admit that in a crisis I'm fucking brilliant - it's just a shame that so far no one's given me the opportunity to show them (for financial gain). Anyhoo, I'll be off to London at the end of the month to do the Prison tests, perhaps they'll realise what a gem I am (she said modestly). The police tests proved it until that curly-haired twat decided that he didn't like me and failed me at the final interview stage. I still can't get over that, perhaps he didn't appreciate the fact that I laugh sometimes. Who knows? I'll be able to reapply for that too in March.

Finally - to everyone I owe correspondence too, I'll write tomorrow or something. Got stuff to do/people to cheer up and all that 'life' shit. Oh yeah, I saw a shooting star tonight in the park whilst taking the dogs for a late night stroll. It was nice. If I had the time I'd tell you about all the good vibes that have happened today which I am taking as a very positive signal that there's a wind of change sweeping through my life :)

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