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2005-08-10 - 10:57 p.m.

I feel like crap. Where the feck did I get a cold from at this time of year? It started in the back of my throat again, just like the last one did. The last one knocked me about like hell and brought me out in a plague-like sweat with sunken eyes and grey skin. Bloody hell, I get paid for the hours I work and they are looking to cull some of the seasonal staff already. Great :(

I wouldn't mind so much but I'm vegetarian, I don't smoke, I eat shit-loads of fruit and vegetables and I have been doing a lot of exercise SO WHY DO I KEEP GETTING ILL? Why can't I have a simple cold that you treat and it stays at bay allowing you to function normally? My face is growing increasingly painful, I am becoming increasingly deaf, I can feel pressure building up at the sides of my head,I am coughing, I ache, am cold yet I keep sweating.

DAMN, DAMN DAMN and DAMN again :(

I suppose I should be grateful I survived getting my head caved in on the corner of Phoe's car lid yesterday (she said dramatically)

...I've got a big bloody lump there too to add to everything.

I didn't last long with my anti moaning stance did I? Sorry everyone :(

Oh yeah. Dunno if you are interested but here are the photos of my vehicular humiliation yesterday:

The joys of having a 34 year old car

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