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2005-10-05 - 9:37 p.m.

I'm back from Birmingham and I look and feel like shite. I should have known that my nemesis, THE FATES, wouldn't allow me to get away that easily. Silly, silly Sket.....

My last day in Purgatory was made as horrible as it could be by the Fates. I had to get up at 5.30am in order to get the ferry across to Portsmouth and then I had to hang around in the dark and the rain for an hour before the place was open and I could go to work. I was fully expecting it to be a quiet and almost pleasant day but it was really busy and my final call was some arse-hole shouting at me because he was at the harbour without a booking hoping to jump on a ferry but unfortunately they were all fully booked and I couldn't get him onto one for another 3 and half hours.

I soooooooo wanted to tell him to get a fucking life and learn to fuck off! This is the voice of your conscience Sket, that would be a baaaaad thing to do and knowing your luck things won't go well for you at the new place and you will be forced to go back to this place and ask for your job baaaaaack.......

...and why the voice of my conscience has decided to talk like a ghost I'll never know.

So any way. I worked 'til 5, ran for the train at 5.17hrs and got home to my Mom at 9.25pm. I looked like crap, was hacking and coughing and in desperate need of some pajamas. THEN my cousin turned up and told me that he had researched my fish/tongue question and had concluded that fish do indeed have tongues. There you go. Another of my ponderings answered. Got that one and the snail sex one down, just got the dirt and the canal lock system one to sort next and we're laughing.

I'm going to go now. I start my new job tomorrow. Is it going to be Purgatory II, The Revenge!? Who knows. I am neither excited or nervous at the moment. Perhaps nervous. Oh I don't know........

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