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2006-04-25 - 7:27 p.m.

Ok everyone, it's safe to come out from behind your sofas and read my diary again. I've gone past the point of paranoia towards just a slight madness behind the eyes.

Phew, that was a close one!

Soooooo, you gonna tell 'em what you've done to your Motherrrrrr just before her birthday Sket?

Oh piss off conscience, no I'm not. Yeah I went a bit mad for a few days


Ok, WEEKS but what happened to my Mother has absolutely NOTHING to do with me and will you PLEASE stop talking like a fucking ghost?

it IS your fault and you know you must confess, you always do because of me for I am the most efficiently functional part of you and I've plagued you for yearsssssssss

this is Sket saying nothing>
OK, ALRIGHT! My poor pre-birthday widowed mother had to call the emergency dentist because she was in so much agony. Her bridge dropped out over the weekend and then she was in tremendous pain from the surrounding teeth. She was talking giant abcess, that's how bad it was. Turned out she'd been grinding her teeth in her sleep AND THAT MIGHT HAVE NOTHING TO DO WITH ME! It just possibly, nay probably has something to do with the fact her precious and only idiot child is going to drive a wreck of a broken down car many miles and had recently kinda gone a bit mental of sorts.

...but like I say, I'm ok now. Women and their hormones heh? Lucky I didn't take an axe into work I suppose and for that we must all be grateful. As for being paranoid about being judged by one of my ex's, well, he can kiss my arse if he doesn't like me! I've dealt with worse

thatttttsss the spirit Sket

Oh get lost, conscience.

IN OTHER NEWS: I broke more crockery in a weird case of being unable to hold anything for more than a split second before dropping it type scenario. Phoe said nothing

The BRAKES on the Beetle are knackered now too. Fortunately I checked 'em on Sunday and discovered that all the brake fluid had leaked out! Having recently spent 600 on work which included the brakes I was understandably none too pleased. The cowboy mechanics had the car back today and discovered a leak in the master cylinder which will be repaired before my trip. I kinda regretted telling my Mother all this, partly because of the teeth grinding thing but also because she wants to have my lovely bug crushed into a tiny cube!

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