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2006-04-26 - 11:06 p.m.

Well, tomorrow is the day I take my life in my hands and drive Malcolm the Beetle up country. I'm sure I told you that I discovered that there was a problem with the brakes on Sunday. I got the car back from the garage today and it cost me 192! This car, in the past couple of months, has now cost me the same amount it cost me to buy the bugger!

....still, I've got faith in him and I'm sure that once this period is over he's going to do me proud


In other news: Phoe and I went to London today so that she could be presented with her award for being one of the winners the Trinity Lighthouse photography competition! Basically she was one of 12 winners and her picture will be in their 2007 calendar! How cool is that? In a crap 'claim to fame' we met Alan Titchmarsh (UK TV gardening presenter type). He was a very nice bloke actually but I guess he was being paid to be a very nice bloke for the day. He had to pick one photo to win the top prize and I think pretty much everyone was surprised at his choice. There were some stunning pictures and the one he picked as overall winner was really plain and boring.

Anyhoo, I'll let you know when I get back how I got on driving the bug.

....assuming I get back of course :(

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