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2006-09-01 - 12:36 a.m.

Ok, I've just re-booted myself after having a mild migraine (read - had a massive nurofen dose and a sofa nap). I say 'mild', I still suspected I might die at any given time. There is so much I want to say but I'm gonna have to see if the ol brain is functioning properly and I remember stuff.

I believe there are several reasons behind my migraine. I used to get them regularly but this is the first for ages so it tells me things aren't right in Skettyland. I woke up this morning feeling mildly shit but aware I had loads of appointments that could't be cancelled.

The bad(ish) day really began when I ended up running late after the people from the first appointment messed me about, had a big argument over who would be the main tenant of the property I was assessing them for and decided to tell me their fucking life story (whilst, I discovered later, omitting some serious medical information).

My head started to get heavier as I drove to the next appointment, arriving 15 minutes late. By the time I left that one I'd got 15 minutes to get to the next appointment which I discovered was in a completely different town half an hour away. I of course (it's inevitable) got stuck behind some ancient driver doing 20mph and braking every time something came towards him which frustrated me even more and caused me to end up shouting like a maniac inside my car. Fortunately the afternoon was better apart from me doing my almost falling asleep in someone's house thing again. I don't know how I forced my eyes open as the bloke complained about the kids throwing blackberries at his windows and rolling in cat shit. He was nearly crying about how mean his neighbours have been to him and I could't help but think he'd made things worse for himself by always taking photos of the stuff going on in the estate and other stuff he'd done. I guess people handle things differently.....

Anyhoo, The proper news. Boy I dodged a bullet today! After having wound myself up tighter than an....erm, than a.... really tightly wound thing, about handing in my notice at work I actually did it yesterday rather than wait until Monday which was the latest time I could do it. I'll tell you about that later but today I discovered that my new employers had approached my current employers asking for a reference today!

...so what I hear you ask?

I asked that my current employers wouldn't be contacted without my permission. I even wrote this in big friendly words BESIDE my employer's details. Did they check with me first? Did they fuck :(

Thank Dog I told 'em yesterdays' all I can say...

The news about that business is that the personnel woman I decided to tell was absolutely lovely. The senior personnel woman (fortunately I didn't see her) apparently hit the roof and I believe the phrase 'ungrateful bitch' was bandied about. The head of housing has ignored me, my immediate boss has been kinda 'lost', my closest work colleague with whom I share an area claims she's going to have a breakdown and the whole place feels weird. I hate weird atmospheres and I'm not particularly looking forward to having to do office cover all day tomorrow. Bison (Grunt) - don't be surprised if a photo of me gurning arrives on your phone at some stage...

I'm gonna end it there. This entry is quite boring and the best stuff I wanted to tell you can wait until tomorrow. They involve me having to be a clown's bodyguard!

....how'd THAT happen?

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