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2005-05-11 - 6:26 p.m.

I had to go to the doctors today for the lady examination that should never be spoken of!

...all I will say is that it hurt like fuck and I am walking like John Wayne. There I will leave this conversational thread in an uncharacteristic show of decorum within my diary.

I THEN had to go to see the doctor (the nurse did the first bit) and discuss the options for getting me healthy enough to get into THE INTENDED JOB. I've got some medication which should help me. I started it today and I don't know if it's all in my mind, but I feel weird.

Apart from that, I went to the gym where I forced myself to carry out my usual work-out. I was getting angry with myself for feeling a bit weak and achy too early but on reflection, now that I write my diary, it was probably down to the stuff that happened at the doctors this morning. I also feel a bit down in the dumps as my crap temp job which is made up of 9 hour shifts (with just 1 hour break to be divided up throughout the 9 hours)just published next weeks rota showing that I'll be working 7 days straight before I get a day off. I fucking hate that place....

The best thing is, a memo came around telling everyone not to agree with customers who call and complain about the extortionate rates they charge for their service as it makes it very difficult for managers to follow up complaints! So funny

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