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2005-04-05 - 6:59 p.m.

4.5 last night!!!!

Feeling very 'shin-splinty' today but not as much as last time I went for my interview/fitness test. Had a call from recruitment today asking if I would change my time from mid-day to 0845. You may have picked up that I am not a morning person from past entries. I agreed cause that's what you do but now I'm SHITTING myself over getting to the mainland and then onto 2 trains before walking half a mile to the place ALL BEFORE 9AM!


At least I haven't got the fitness test first this time. Last time I looked like death for the interview. Still, feeling a lot more positive now that I have jumped 5 lengths in a week! Only 7 more to pull off on the day and I'm laughing

....assuming the bastard that hated me in the previous interview isn't the same bastard who's gonna hate me during this interview.

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